Milling Unit

Zirkonzahn Milling Unit M4

The M4’s integrated wet processing function allows it to process both hard and soft materials. It is perfect for processing zirconia, titanium and PMMA.

Imaging Scanner

Zirkonzahn Scanner S900 ARTI

The S900 ARTI allows us to scan arch segments, full arch models, bit records, opposing dentation, wax-ups, veneers, abutments, occlusal registrations, bit rims and more.

Planning Software


Specialized software allows us to combined digital and manual working techniques and handle articulation, modellation, realisation and more.

Digital Smile Design

Zirkonzahn Face Hunter

The Face Hunter allows us to take a 3D scan of the face with just a few clicks, allowing access to patient esthetics and the ability to model their new smile.